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VIP Club Sign Ups

The Dainty Bow Shop


How does the VIP Club work?

+ Our VIP club is a subscription service. You sign up once and continue to receive three surprise bows each month until you cancel your subscription.

    + All payments automatically pull the 1st of the month.

    + If you happen to be invited to join on another calendar day other than the 1st please note that your first payment will pull on the exact day you subscribe. However the following months payment will pull on the 1st from that point moving forward.

    + All boxes ship the 15th-18th of each month.

    Benefits of Our VIP Club

    + Save on Shipping 
    Have an order you want us to hold for shipping? No problem, we'll hold your open order and save you some $$ by shipping it with your upcoming box.

    +Share + Win
    VIP Club members have a chance to win their box for FREE every month!

    +VIP Club Discount
    Enjoy receiving 25% off our entire shop for as long as you are a VIP club member. (This does not include the box itself.) 

    Can I Cancel Anytime?

    Yes! You may cancel at any time and for any reason. But don't forget that once you cancel you will lose all VIP perks and need to rejoin the waitlist upon reentry.

    To cancel: Simply login to your account and go to the "manage my subscriptions" tab. If you need additional help canceling your subscription please feel free to send us an email at liz@thedaintybowshop.com

    **Please note: if a payment has already been processed for a given month refunds will not be granted. You MUST contact us 48 hrs prior to the first of the month in order to ensure you will not be billed on the 1st. 

      More About The Bows 

      Your VIP Club box will always contain 3 hand made, exclusive, surprise hair bows. Plus some fun freebies!

      Regular Club = 3” up to 5” hair bows

      Mini Club = 1.5" up to 2” hair bows

      You can switch between box sizes after three consecutive months in the same size box. Requests for box size changes must be submitted to liz@thedaintybowshop.com 30 days prior to your next payment. No exceptions. 

      Hair Bow #1 + #2:

      Generally, two of your surprise hair bows will be "staple" hair bows. (1 in a glitter fabric + 1 in a faux leather fabric)

      What the heck is a "staple" you ask? A solid color or something that is more versatile/practical for everyday wear.

      Don't worry, we do our best to include a good variety of material types as to not overload you with the same bows month after month.

      Hair Bow #3:

      The third hair bow included in our VIP box will be a "party" bow that coordinates with an upcoming holiday and/or theme. Something fun, yet less practical for everyday wear (ie: Spring, Easter, St. Patty's Day, etc).

      Please keep in mind that while we do try and keep everyone informed on what they can expect in terms of designs/colors/fabrics...we do have months with exceptions. For example: In December of 2020 our members voted on a special limited edition "all glitter" box verses our normal schedule of 2 staples bows and 1 party bow

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 4 reviews

      My daughter loves her boxes each month. Liz, you are a super hero and we are so lucky to have found you!

      My favorite box! 😍

      Every bow was absolutely beautiful and I loved the extras! Such a nice surprise!! Thank you! 🎀💜

      You’re the best

      You’re the bees knees and I’m obsessed with every single bow. My babe (22 months) always asks for a bow when getting her ready. Your bows have the best quality out of others that I’ve ordered from other people.. I now only get them from you because I know I won’t be disappointed.


      I’m so in Love with your work all of your Bows are really good made and I love all the different material you use